The Curse explained (again)

John - 1/18/2009, 11:03 PM - WTF

For some reason, this year is the year that people are really hooked on the Curse. But EVERYONE keeps getting the Curse wrong.

It is not a Super Bowl Curse as suggested in this recent bit of blogging on the Yinzburgh PG's website.

Players can and often do have success despite being victims of the Curse. Kurt Warner has a SB ring. Two for Terrell Davis. One for Big Ben. Even Donovan McNabb was only a field goal aware from a Lombardi Trophy!
The Curse is about the mangling.

Eventually, the mangling leads to failure.

That's the Curse.

PS -- congrats to the Steelers and Cards. Especially the Cards (the Yinsburgh Stillers are mah team, so, hey, whatever). I'm very glad I won't see Ed Rendell's raspy face on my TV pimping a Keystone State Super Bowl.

Also, the Cards are in the Super Bowl.

And mind you this was the year the Cards QUIT being the fashionable pick. After years of people picking the Cards to be this year's 1999 Rams -- the team that comes out of nowhere -- people quit picking them.

Guess what? Wrong year to quit picking them!!

Also, Congrats to Dan Rooney, who helped BOTH coaches in this year's Super Bowl.

The Cards owe the Steelers a big thanks for passing on Whiz and going with Tomlin. While it is clear Pittsburgh would be in the SB either way, there's no way the Cards doing it without Whisenhunt.

This is one of the first Super Bowls in a looong time I plan to genuinely enjoy. Not Patriot hating. No "please Gawd get peyton Manning off my TV".

It's going to be weird.

Especially with the Curse lurking.

Final thought: dear God look over Willis McGahee.

It's a reminder of why we we really talk about Curses. Because it deflect some of our complicity as fans in encouraging things like Ryan Clark's hit on McGahee. Wow.

Doesn't talking about an evil Curse sound much more comforting?

PPS - fuck Philadelphia. That gawd awful team would be in the Super Bowl right now if their management could be bothered to bring in even a single receiver as decent as the Steelers' third receiver.

Say what you wish about Donovan McNabb -- he hit a number of receivers any number of times and very rarely did they bother to catch the ball.

For that matter, look at Jackson's TD catch -- that was about ten times more interesting than a deep post is supposed to be.

I hope the Kevin Kolb era begins in 2009. Philly deserves all the brutal defeats they can swallow. And frankly, McNabb deserves a chance to at least go to some crappy franchise that hasn't won in forever. Maybe the Lions would appreciate being elevated to losing the NFC Championship.


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