Eagles ask McNabb to practice for OT shootouts

John - 12/9/2008, 11:22 PM - Curse News

After a Tuesday afternoon practice, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb walked out on the team.

Toward the end of drills, Eagles coaches handed McNabb a hockey stick and asked him to practice shooting the football between the uprights should the team face an overtime shootout during the playoffs.

After bouncing several footballs off the crossbar, teammate Brian Westbrook informed McNabb that while NFL games can end in ties, the NFL never uses a shoout.

McNabb reportedly stormed off the field after telling head coach coach Andy Reid, "Fuck you. That isn't funny."
The rest of the team broke practice early amid unending laughter. Several players were admitted to an area hospital reporting sharp pains in their sides from all the laughing.

Kicker David Akers is reportedly out for this week's game against the Cleveland Browns with torn rib cartilage from laughing so hard.

Coach Reid told the media after practice, "Yeah. I figured we should just get a head start on disinviting him."

McNabb told Sports Illustrated later that night, "Well, soon they won't have Donovan McNabb to kick around anymore."

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