Rooney: accident was an accident

Bill - 6/14/2006, 3:35 AM - Curse News

Steelers' owner Dan Rooney announced today that Ben Roethlisberger's accident on Second Avenue in Pittsburgh was part of a pre-emptive measure-gone-awry to keep Roethlisberger from participating in the Chunky Soup commercial.

In a written statement, Rooney stated that he didn't want the Chunky Soup curse to take out his star quarterback, one which had helped bring the Steelers franchaise its fifth Super Bowl victory, and prevent the team from making a run at a sixth.

According to eye-witnesses, shortly before the accident, a black cargo van with a spoiler and a red stripe across the side that was driven by a black man with a mohawk, tore around the corner of Grant Street onto Second Avenue in the direction of the Tenth Street Bridge and the Armstrong Tunnels. The van pulled up along side Roethlisberger to get him to pull over. Roethlisberger veered across the center line and into an oncoming car. The rest is history.
Rooney stated, "I was just trying to keep him from making a mistake that would end his career, his life, or, more importantly, a sixth Lombardi Trophy."

Steelers owner, Dan Rooney II, was not the first person to warn Roethlisberger about the dangers of starring in Chunky Soup commercials. Former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw has been an outspoken critic of Roethlisberger's Chunky Soup activity, saying Roethlisberger should stay off Chunky Soup until his playing career ends.

In a recent interview, Roethlisberger spoke out in response to Bradshaws comments, "Whatever".

Last November, coach Bill Cowher warned Roethlisberger about the dangers of filming Chunky Soup commercials after the unfortunate ankle injury sustained by Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Donovan McNabb, the latest victim of the Chunky Soup Curse.


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