Roethlisberger hobbled

John - 12/21/2007, 11:57 PM - Curse News

The Campbell's Chunky Soup Curse, more dangerous than alcoholic with scissors and a grudge, struck a small blow in the battle to kill Ben Roethlisberger.

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers win over the St. Louis Rams, a team that will be demoted from the NFL in 2008 to be replace by the winner of the Papa John' Bowl between Southern Mississippi and Cincinatti, Roethlisberger reported feeling pain in his ankle. Team doctors discovered trace amounts of Chunky Soup in the ankle, but believe Roethlisberger will be ready to play against Baltimore, thanks to a long week follow the Thursday night game.
Roethlisberger had already suffered a shoulder injury in practice early this season.

Chunkiologist Charles Robinson said he isn't so sure. "I know Ben has been off the soup. But, this a guy who got on the soup early."

Studies show that NFL rookies who endorse Campbell's Chunky Soup are three times more likely to suffer a violent death before the age of 35. Such rookies also face a five-fold increase in the risk of having their bones turn to powder.

Roethlisberger believe the ankle injury is minor.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin expressed doubts. "I got saddled with a quarterback who endorsed an evil cursed soup. And now his ankle hurts. You do the math."

Team doctors say they will monitor the situation.

Team president Dan Rooney said, "At least Ben wasn't hit in the face by a friggin moving vehicle, right?"


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