Could Chunky Soup invade the CFL?

John - 12/17/2007, 11:49 PM - Curse News

It's a strange sort of speculation, but consider the following item:

Wolfe: What should you endorse?

Adams: Everybody tells me that I should endorse Campbell's Chunky Soup, but they haven't called yet. I hope they call. John Madden said I have one of the best nicknames in sports.

This is "Chunky" Adams of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, owners of the most gangsta name in all of sports.
Is Adams insane, inviting an evil Cursed endorsement deal into his life? Perhaps.

Adams admits to being an unquenchable degenerate:

Sometimes I see Peyton Manning out in public and I want to ... Yeah, I have fantasies sometimes.

The Curse denies any interest in a suicidal obese gay dude from Canada. "I have a whole NHL season worth of endorsements after the NFL wraps up."

The Cursed waxed philosophic on the subject of the NHL, "Sure, it's easy pickins with the high speed violence and all... but, it's like how they put Wheel of Fortune on after Jeopardy so morons don't feel bad about themselves before Cop Show #1233 comes on at 8pm Eastern time."

Adams expressed anger over the comment, "Fuck hockey and fuck you, too. And I didn't find that misquote casting me as having a man crush on Peyton Manning to be very hilarious, either."

Adams fell over clutching his chest before he could grab any of the reporters mocking him. Fortunately, Canada has a great healthcare system. Unfortunately, they waste it on Canadians. Or worse, the Quebecoise.


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