Curse methodology explained

John - 9/25/2007, 11:53 AM - WTF

A lot of folks have emailed us with comments asking why a particular player is not counted as a victim. For example, we were asked why DeMarcus Ware is not yet counted under the "played with Terrell Owens" listing in the Nutrition Facts.

A player doesn't count as a Curse victim until an actual major injury befalls them.

A good example is John Lynch, the sole long-term non-victim of the evil endorsement deal. John Lynch, who endorsed Chunky for a good stretch, does not count as victim because he has not had an injury of any significance since his days with the Buccaneers (pre-endorsement). Therefore, John Lynch does not count as a victim.
So, for example, LaDainian Tomlinson does not (yet) count as a victim. Although, let's face it: he's an NFL runningback. It's coming.

Also, in our methodology once you are a victim, you are counted and susceptible for further humiliation until the end of time. So, while guys like Donovan McNabb no longer endorse the evil soup, McNabb still counts. There is no good reason to assume "Kill Donovan McNabb Month", also called November, will be canceled anytime soon.

We still have high hopes for the Curse in 2007. With two featured runningbacks on the menu, it is only a matter of waiting before something happens.


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