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John - 8/1/2007, 11:55 AM - Curse News

The harbinger of a new NFL season is upon us: the Hall of Fame Game. The HoF Game is of course an opportunity for second string punters to audition to be mid-season replacements. It is also the one week out of the year that Canton, OH is known for something besides ... A few people mistakenly think A Christmas Story was filmed there. That's in Cleveland.

The city paper in Canton, the Repository, did a nice write-up on the Chunky Soup Curse and It is only fair that I throw back some linkage love to them and writer Ed Balint. Check out the article by clicking here.
I strongly encourage you to buy a copy of the paper. Not because I want to financially support the Canton Rep, I just want you to make it to page 32 and see the article sitting next to not one, but two ads for titty bars. Someone pasting up pages deserves a big nod for knowing our demographic. High fives all around!

If that's not good enough for you, then at least stop to enjoy the myriad of good quotes I got into the paper. It's a point of pride for me. If nothing else, someone in Canton got to expand their horizons reading about Thai cooking, Roman history and Shakespeare. How can that be bad? Now that I have PBS-HD with two sub-channels, I'm told it is pretty damned good on a regular basis. Yup, you are a weird son of a bitch if you regularly read my writing and enjoy it.

The Curse itself seems to wish to maintain its ongoing exclusive relationship with and was not quoted in the article. Evil curses can be testy.

Curse fun gets started this weekend. Sunday, August 5, Ben Roethlisberger gets to see whether he has shaken the Curse. You'll have to wait a week to see the Curse begin its probing attacks against LaDainian Tomlinson.


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