How the Curse works (2007 edition)

John - 6/9/2007, 6:22 PM - Editorial

Few days in blogging do you feel the weight of the world, as if your words are the words Edward R. Morrow warning a nation. Today is ione of those days.

In a few of the Cowboys blogs, which are now burning with fear about the arrival of Chunky Soup Curse, the most dangerous curse not brought down upon a city by the Mongol hordes, word arrives of vain hope: perhaps the Curse only strikes offensive players.

Cowboys fans: abandon all hope. Ask Michael Strahan. Ask Brian Urlacher. Ask Reggie White. This Curse is not about offensive players. DeMarcus Ware will suffer. Make no bones about it.
With a full bowl this season, it may take Chunky a while. Goodness know knocking of LaDainian Tomlinson is a challenge. But, DeMarcus Ware will suffer in the next couple seasons.


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