Cowboys fans are first to worry in 2007

John - 6/9/2007, 6:03 PM - Curse News

The Chunky linkage has been coming in hot and heavy from Cowboy country today.

Observe the fear spreading like spilled Chunky Soup on a sloped surface: The fear soon spilled across the plains, to KC: to the bug-eyed creatures of the Chiefs Planet. Even Aggies fans felt the fear (registration required to join their pain).
Then The 'Boys Blog happened upon this crime -- video of an actual coven / commercial filming with the new victims all together. Cowboys fans? Please make sure DeMarcus Ware is riding motorcycle with a helmet firmly in place.

I'm a Steelers fan. I know there is some bad blood from the days of our forefathers. But, the Chunky Soup Curse rises above who beat who in what Super Bowl (and intercepting Neil O'Donnell three times made us even, OK?). This is matter of global peril, such as when borders must be closed to prevent a wildfire virus outbreak from killing all of the human race.

Make no mistake. Observe Roethlisberger. Go observe McNabb if you can endure the horror. Fear the Reggie White story. Feel the pain of Terrell Davis as he misses the Hall of Fame induction each year. Watch as even God cannot protect Kurt Warner.

Protect your player at all cost.

Chiefs fans? Well, runningbacks are a dime a dozen... just wait til the Broncos release one.

But Cowboys fans... you have a good edge rusher at stake! Safety first.


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