Birth of New Curse?

Bill - 11/2/2006, 1:58 AM - Editorial

In May, Ben broke his face in a motorcycle accident and received a severe concussion. Then appendectomy kept him out at the beginning of the season and he was back on the field the next week and couldn't score a single point against Jacksonville. Lost the week after that against Cincinnati, and San Diego the week after that.

Last Sunday, Ben Roethlisberger suffered another concussion in a loss against the Atlanta Falcons.

Then this past Sunday, physicians and Bill Cowher said that Ben could play against the Oakland Raiders. Ben did play and it resulted in the worst game in Steelers history. Many people were asking if putting Ben in on Sunday, after only a week of having received a concussion, was a good coaching decision.
I'm starting to wonder if the Chunky Soup Curse isn't really responsible for Ben playing so horribly. Is there another curse on the rise?

See, there is one thing that could have been done that would have helped the Steelers immensely and that was simply putting Charlie Batch in instead. Ben has surgery and plays the next week. Ben then has his brains rattled around and plays the next week. Medically, can a man be expected to play at 100 percent after such maladies? Coach Cowher thought so.

Was this his mistake? I don't think it was Ben's. Ben would have played even if he had a nine-inch railroad spike sticking out of his head if you gave him the chance. He won't turn it down. It's the opinion of many sports experts and opinion column writers that Ben was never at 100 percent and should have been benched an extra week in either circumstance.

But Coach Cowher put him in regardless.

So, I present to you what I think the problem is. I don't think that Ben's really cursed. I think that Bill Cowher is cursed. The man is not coaching at 100 percent. He is not out there sticking out his chin and spitting all over the place. He's not getting in the officials faces and screaming at them. Bill Cowher is getting a little soft and I think I know where it curse lies.

It lies not in a Chunky Soup commercial, but on the cover of EA Sports newest title this season: Head Coach (see photo). This game allows you to control every aspect of an NFL team from the ground up. But hey, look who's on the cover! It's Bill Cowher! His mug shows up on the cover of a brand new video game and what happens? His coaching goes to hell! His team suffers. His judgment is called into question, especially when it concerns the health of his quarterback.

Is this the birth of a new curse?


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