Is the Curse playing hurt?

John - 10/15/2006, 8:02 PM - Curse News

The whispers have begun. Ben Roethlisberger is off the skids? Another good game from Donovan McNabb? Matt Hasselbeck recovers from his bear mauling to beat the Rams late? Is the Chunky Soup Curse playing hurt?

"No," said longtime Curse victim Donovan McNabb. "We, the Curse victims, are just learning how to play through it. I sat down with Ben and Matt and we talked about what helped."

Roethlisberger confirmed the talk. "Well, I know what hurts -- not taking that damned endorsement money!!!" Roethlisberger than ran away tossing cash into the air and laughing.
Hasselebeck was a little less convinced: "It sure looks like the Madden Curse has en eyeball on Shaun Alexander. I'm not feeling safe, yet."

Campbell's, the parent company of Chunky Soup, denies the Curse is playing hurt.

"We'll adjust," said the Curse. "It's a long season, and I am a mean curse. If these punks got a good week on me, fine, they got a week on me. Come back after Thanksgiving and tell me who got the better of who."

The Curse then slammed down its microphone and attempted to meance all the reporters present at the press conference.

The Curse refused to address questions about whether the NFL might install another cursed soup in place. Rumors have been flying that rookie free agent Progresso Soup might get a shot.

NFLPA President Gene Upshaw said, "If Progresso wants a shot, this is the league. The NFL rewards talent."

Progresso refused comment.


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