Bears mauling Hasselbeck

John - 10/1/2006, 9:34 PM - Curse News

Is this the Curse hitting? I got my first look at the new Hasselbeck Chunky commercial, and not long after we're watching Ricky Manning, Jr. returning an interception from Hasselbeck.

The Madden Curse did the hard part -- it wiped out RB Shaun Alexander.

Is Chunky holding up its end of the Marketing Axis of Evil? More news after the game.

UPDATE (9:42 Eastern Time): Mike Holmgren still looks like a cat. I bet he'd love some scraps from Matt's last bowl of Chunky.
UPDATE (10:59 PM Eastern): Hasselbeck's curse seems to be hitting. Remember, Roethlisberger's curse started the same way, at the end of his rookie season. It started with humiliation.

If I were Matt Hasselbeck, I'd buy an attack dog suit.

On the flip side, Chunky has clearly dropped torturing Brian Urlacher.

HOLMGREN WATCH UPDATE (11:02 PM): Mike Holmgren still looks like a cat.

In other news, saw a new McNabb commercial. Rumor is that CHunky is going to hop the flight over to Philly overnight and take a swipe at Donovan.

One final note: is there any chance we can get the entire cast of Friday Night Lights to endorse Chunky? I'm sick of seeing that damned commercial... "69 percent luck, 32% pills, 58% concentrated power of will..."

And why is Friday Night Lights on Tuesday night? Dammit.

And, are Madden, Andrea Kramer and Al Michaels talking about who has "a loaf"? Ew. It's horrible when a game gets this far out of control.

Please, God, make players stop endorsing Chunky Soup. My brain can't handle too much more of this announcer banter!


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