Could Chunky Soup play for the Steelers?

Bill - 8/19/2006, 12:01 PM - Curse News

It's an idea that no one saw coming.

Is it possible that the Pittsburgh Steelers franchaise could be the first professional sports organization ever to sign a contract with an evil spell to play for them?

The buzz grew around the NFL offices Friday and Saturday sparking much controversy among top executives and other teams.

"You know, I've done some mean spirited shit in my career", says Terrell Owens, "but for them to do something like this? Shit, that's low even for me."
New NFL commissioner Roger Goodell commented "The Steelers? The Pittsburgh Steelers would sign the Chunky Soup Curse to play for them? I'd expect this from the Cincinnati Bengals or even the Minnesota Vikings, but not the Pittsburgh Steelers."

No one from the Steelers camp could be reached for comment and none of our phone calls were ever returned. The Steelers are holding private practices in Latrobe before Saturdays scrimmage against the Vikings. Only time will tell before the season starts over what the Steelers are going to do.


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