Vegas changes odds on Curse

John - 7/11/2006, 12:46 PM - Curse News

Las Vegas bookies appear to be changing their odds on who will be the next victim of the Campbell's Chunky Soup Curse.

Early odds following Chunky's vicious assualt on Ben Roethlisberger were on Chunky Soup attempting to finish Roethlisberger off.

However, as Roethlisberger is no longer eating breakfast through a straw, the odds makers are adjusting.

Odds on Roethlisberger had been as high as 5-3. Those have since fallen to 10-1.
The new most likely victim is Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck has already received the angry calling card from Chunky Soup.

Odds makers believe that since Hasseelbeck hasn't suffered any violent injuries in his career, he is long overdue.

His recent endorsement of Chunky Soup is now viewed as a threat his family, especially in the aftermath of all that happened to Michael Strahan.

Hasselbeck is now a slim favorite, at 5-2 over Donovan McNabb, presently placed at 2-1 odds.

However, one bookie, off the record, commented that he favors McNabb. "You see. In any given year, McNabb is a good bet for the next curse victim. It hits him every year and still he doesn't give up. Also, they got a crap offense this year, so McNabb will put on his Superman cape and try to keep this crap team in playoff contention."

Others disagreed.

Said Chris Berman, of ESPN, "In all seriousness, McNabb has always been hit mid-season. The Curse in 2006 is out of control. It has already smashed Big ben in the face and called Michael Strahan a fag. You can pretty much bet it woun't be patient enough to ambush McNabb next. My money is Ben by the way."

Analyst Merril Hoge agreed, "The Curse has it hard for Roethlisberger."

But, the betting public continues to bet Hasselbeck.

Said Joe Thorpe, 38, of Sctossdale, AZ, "The Curse needs fresh blood. There isn't much fresh blood left. It's totally gonna screw with Hasselbeck."

In side betting, the methoid the Curse will use is in tight contention.

Currently, the most popular bets are "cut brake lines" and "brain contusion", both at 5-1.


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