Chunky Soup and the NHL's Mats Sundin

John - 6/29/2006, 11:38 PM - Victims

One of the more interesting things about the Chunky Soup Curse is that it is not limited to the NFL.

Exhibit A: Mats Sundin of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Now, it's now surprise the NHL is a great racket for Campbell's. As Canadians continue to pretend global warming isn't bothering them, they need hot food to pretend that it's still cold in Canada.

Enter Mats Sundin... not a Canadian. A Swede. So, if Chunky smacks him up, he at least has to socialized health care systems to fall back on.
Mats Sundin knew that combatting Chunky required boldness.

So, he took his Chunky Soup endorsement money and ... bought a horse. A race horse for about $800,000.

Not a bad plan. Like all bullies, Chunky Soup respects boldness. For a while...

Then in 2005, like Neptune raising the seas to destroy Atlantis, Chunky Soup assaulted with all its might!

Chunky Soup knew that killing a hockey playing gambler would take something profound.

It went for it: Chunky Soup smashed his lower orbital bone.

It is part of a new trend. After year of capping people, Chunky Soup is breakin' the rule.

Chunky Soup is like an attack dog, and shows no mercy going for the face.


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