Don't dabble in Chunky: the Brian Urlacher story

John - 6/14/2006, 10:28 AM - Victims

Brian Urlacher is considered the ideal study in the effects of small-time Chunky endorsement sustained over years.

He did one major campaign in 2002, and was rewarded with a shoulder stinger. His stats have tailed off since.

He has continued to dabble in Chunky. In 2004, he ended up with a series of leg injuries that hobbled him.
He returned in 2005, but was not as effective, making 97 tackles (for a middle lineback in a 4-3 system, this is abysmal), a far cry from his career high of over 200 tackles.

Interestingly, the timing of Urlacher's Chunky Curse is similar to that of Michael Strahan.

Both endorsed in minor roles in 2002 and kept on until 2004. Both had minor tweaks, reducing their effective but their stats remained respectable. And in the same month, November 2004, both went down to season-ending injuries.

Urlacher's case shows that dabbling in Chunky is just as hazardous as going feet first into Chunky Soup. While Donovan McNabb suffered right away, mostly because he has done everything short of marrying Chunky Soup, Urlacher's effects took time.

It appears that the Chunky Curse has to reach a threshold before it begins to adversely alter a player's physical well-being.

It will be interesting to see if Urlacher continues to recover, or if his state will deteriorate as aging and Chunky endorsement catch up with him.


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