Has the Curse resurfaced with Victor Cruz?

John - 12/9/2012, 10:07 PM - News

After a long layover fighting to get through customs, the Campbell's Chunky Soup Curse, a substance so lethal it was never used to make cola during the late 1800s, appears to have once again re-emerged.

It's new victim? New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. Complete with his mom.

That's right, the Curse is returning to its roots: the moms.

Observe the terrifying evidence:

Time will tell. So far, Cruz's dance moves appear to have allowed him to side-step the inevitable decline and degradation that accompanies endorsing the evil cursed soup most known for being made from insect byproducts.

Asked about it's re-emergence, the Curse told ESPN's Skip Bayless, "Hey, I was taking some heat. So, I went down to central America and hung out with John McAfee for a little."

The Curse added, "And then I left before things got weird."

The New York Giants issued a terse statement. "A Cursed endorsement deal is a dumb idea. You're dumb. This is dumb. We're not dumb. Go be dumb somewhere else. Somewhere where dumb is a thing that people like you, dumb people, actually do."

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