Curse blames Reid for McNabb mishap

John - 1/9/2010, 11:02 PM - Curse News

The Campbell's Chunky Soup Curse, a curse so wretched it will be featured next season on Dirty Jobs, challenged Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid to "spit Donovan McNabb out so I can kill him."

Curse watchers were astonished when halfway through the third quarter of the Eagles-Cowboys playoff game Reid unhinged his jaw and swallowed McNabb in a single go.

The Curse was in Dallas this weekend in the hope of performing a double-whammy against McNabb and Cowboys OLB Demarcus Ware.
"We were surprised by what happened to McNabb," said NBC Cursetographer Bob Costas, "We figured the whole thing with Ware and McNabb would be a roll the knee sorta deal."

Reid was mum on the matter when questioned, mostly because he had a full-grown man stuck in his mouth.

Eagles owner Jeff Laurie noted, "Hey, it could be worse. He could've tried to swallow Jamarcus Russell!"

Eagles receiver Desean Jackson piped in, "Yeah, because Jamarcus Russell is fat."

Jackson paused and then asked, "I wonder if that's why coach Reid did this? Does he want to be as fat as Jamarcus Russell?"

"That's unfair," said Laurie. "Russell needs that fat to survive the long period of unemployment that will follow that turd he's laid in Oakland!"

Both men laughed and walked off to grab a pry bar. Laurie said, "I guess we do need to get Donovan out of there. Oh, well. Grab a knife and some Crisco and let's do this thing."


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