Scared Strahan: Chunky slays a Giant

John - 6/14/2006, 9:56 AM - Victims

In January 2002, Michael Strahan finished up the 2001 season (yes, the NFL is goofy like that) by collecting the NFL single season sack record.

It's a tough record, because once it becomes obvious a guy is on a tear pass rushing, the offenses compensate easily with blocking assignment toward that guy.

In September 2002, Michael Strahan, at the pinnacle of his profession, did the one thing no sane player should ever do: he endorsed Campbell's Chunky Soup.
It was a small role, alongside other players. The Curse was diluted.

So, he kept going back to the Chunky. Slowly, the Giants slid from a Super Bowl contender to nobodies.

And Strahan got bigger roles until he became a featured Chunky spokesman by late 2003.

And once you're a featured spokesman, the Chunky Soup Curse really strikes!

Strahan missed more than half the 2004 season, after tearing a pectoral muscle the second week of November.


Following the disastrous assault by Chunky Soup, Strahan disappeared from the Chunky universe and re-appeared in the NFL universe. He played all 16 games and delivered 11.5 sacks in 2005. The Giants returned to the playoffs.

Strahan has since renounced Chunky:

"Chunky Soup ruined my life. I thought I could control and handle it, because I'm a big guy and its a little can. Also, because I'm not a Kurt Warner.
But I couldn't. I'm ashamed to say it, but now I get it.
Thank God I'm not dumb like Donovan McNabb! What's the deal with him and Chunky, anyway? Does he have gambling debts or something?
Chunky took one swing at me, and I quit. I tell anyone thinking about endorsing Chunky: 'Just Say No.' You think you can control it, but you can't.

Strahan has been clean from Chunky for more than a year.


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